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The FAST TRACK series from iiS is creating efficiencies for thousands of users at corporations, govt. agencies, and other organisations. Find out more about the software, and try it our yourself below.

Fast Track PPM

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  n Asset management and planned maintenance works-scheduling package, which dovetails with other Fast Track applications, and provides automatic routing of instructions.
n Labour Control, Monitoring, Parts/Labour/Materials costs and more



Fast Track Help Desk

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  n Call logging and monitoring software with automatic fault-context routing of instructions, and escalation & jeopardy notification.
n Asset Tracking, Work Invoicing, Labour Control and more.



Fast Track Room Booking

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  n Departmental to enterprise space and room booking system, inc. conferencing, hot-desking and full resource management.
n Catering, Porterage, Visitors and A/V Equipment are all fully managed.