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Hosted Solutions From 2.50 per User per Day


iiS and iiS Partners provide hosted solutions based on Fast Track Help Desk for Web. Hosting provides many financial and centralisation benefits

* Very low start-up costs: no internal IT resource, no new server.
* All hosting costs are operational expenses; NO CAPEX.
* Users can be added incrementally, virtually immediately.
* Centralised solution means your staff, service providers and customers can access the system from anywhere.
* No internal IT resources required for maintenance, admin, or uptime guarantees.
If you'd like to find out more about a hosted Help Desk solution, please email us:


See below for images of the Hosted Solution

The image above shows the menu which appears after login. User permissions can be configured in a number of permutations, to give you complete control. Menu selections can be as the traditional treeview (as above), or as a series of icon selections.

Logging Calls (as in the view above) is straightforward and fast.. Most values are picked from listboxes, leading to very few opportunities for error. The system automatically emails confirmations and work instructions to requestors and service providers (who receives email or not can be controlled by you).

The Work Monitor is shown above, and it is easy to see the use of "traffic lighting" to show the status of jobs. In the screen section below, SLA warnings are shown as the allowable time for response, containment and completion approach and expire.