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Fast Track Help Desk Web-access
Fast Track Help Desk Web-access provides most of the mechanisms via browser, meaning anyone in the World can be given secure access. Web users can log calls in simple or full-SLA recording modes. The monitor for the web version is very similar to the Windows version, with colour-coding and traffic-lighting indicating escalation and jeopardy. Jobs can be update using the web version - when updates are recorded, SLA compliance is calculated.

The Windows and Web versions manage resources in the same way - labour, parts and materials can be recorded in summary or full detail. The detail can be used to provide full billing information for customer invoices.

Calls can be monitored and updated by service providers anywhere in your network, or the whole World. Your customers can track call progress.


Service providers can update job resources as they are used. Labour (inc. overtime and double-time rates), materials and parts are tracked in detail. Parts use contributes to stock control and under-stocked reports.

Fast Track Help Desk for Pocket PC
The Pocket PC Web version provides full functionality for submitting and updating jobs and can give contractors up to the minute information and the ability to access the Help Desk system whilst on client sites. Typical environments for PPC are wireless or cellular use. Wireless PPC's are now inexpensive and widely available from manufacturers like HP (Compaq) and Dell.
The Pocket PC menu for Fast Track Help Desk.   Job Information for review and update   The Work Monitor on a Pocket PC - service providers can readily see what needs to be done, and update what has been done.