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Fast Track Help Desk & PPM Netbook Version

The NETBOOK Version of Fast Track Help Desk & PPM allow Engineers to take their work with them, and synchronise as soon as they are back in Wireless (WiFi) contact with the Master Database. Netbooks weigh about 2 pounds, and have none of the size-and-functionality limitations of PDA's.

Netbooks, which can cost as little as 250, run full versions of Windows XP, so there are none of the compromises which cause some engineers to dislike PDA's. Apart from the reduced size and weight, the only real difference, when compared to a "luggable" laptop, is that the screen height is about 20% less (the Fast Track software adjust automatically).
  With the NETBOOK Version of Fast Track Help Desk & PPM, each Netbook has a personal version of the master database. Users synchronise their data and off they go. Jobs can be updated as normal; comms logs and asset readings can be added, job and asset histories reviewed, etc.

When a user returns to a location that is has WiFi access to the network that the main database server is part of, one-click will update all the mobile changes to the main system, and get any new jobs for the mobile user.

Complete portability couldn't be more straightforward.

If you'd like to find out more about the NETBOOK Version of Fast Track Help Desk & PPM, please contact your iiS or partner representative, or email us on netbook@iiSFM.com.