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Automatic Job Duplication Check
BENEFIT: Saves time and money by alerting operators to be aware of potentially duplicated calls.
This is one of the mechanisms that has the potential for saving companies and agencies much time and therefore cost. It's also an example of business software at its best - the software anticipates a waste of resource, notifies the user, but leaves the final decision up to him or her.

When faults occur in public places, or common areas in office buildings, many calls which refer to the same fault may be taken. Leaks, broken windows, damaged floor tiles, etc. are examples. If a leak occurs in a toilet, for instance, many people may call the help desk before the situation is contained. The mechanism keys on building, work type and the date and time that calls are logged. When recent calls have been logged for the same work type in the same building within the last 24 hours, the software prompts the user to check for duplicates. At this point, the operator can decide to cancel the current call, or continue to log it if it not a duplicate.

The lead time for the warnings can be varied - certain users would want to see a whole week's worth of possible duplicates, while others perhaps the last 48 hours.